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Tapes and Mylars

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Double Sided Tape for Mylar

Double Sided Tape for Mylar SELECT £11.42  -  £19.23

Double sided tape for attaching curved mylar. Sold in 50m rolls and available in different widths.

Glass backed teflon tape Non Adhesive SELECT £4.20

A range of Glass backed teflon tapes that have no adhesive applyed to either surface. These are commonly used on control surfaces and are mechcanically held in place by inserting into slots cut in the structure.

Glass Backed Teflon Tape with Adhesive SELECT CALL

A brown coloured glass reinforced Teflon tape in two widths with an adhesive backing.

Glass Backed Teflon Tape with Adhesive edges

Glass Backed Teflon Tape with Adhesive edges SELECT £4.84  -  £5.26

Glass backed Teflon tape as used for aileron and flap seals on many gliders. Sold per metre with self adhesive tape applied to edges of material.The adhesive tape is 9 mm wide leaving a section in the centre of the tape without adhesive.

Mylar Tape, Curved

Mylar Tape, Curved SELECT £20.54  -  £78.30

Genuine Mylar sourced from Germany, used on most gliders. Priced by the 15 metre roll.

Tesa Fabric Tape

Tesa Fabric Tape SELECT £22.87  -  £54.28

Tesa fabrice tape is frequently used for sealing control surfaces where Mylar is not requried. Tesa tape is available in several widths and sold in 50 metre rolls.


Tesafilm SELECT £5.76  -  £16.55

Tesafilm is a thin capping tape, useful for smoothing and securing the leading edge of mylar seals, especially when the surface has not been recessed at manufacture to accept the mylar seal.

UHMW Tapes with adhesive backing

UHMW Tapes with adhesive backing SELECT £4.20  -  £36.56

UHMW Tapes are for applications where a low co-efficient of friction is required. This is an ideal replacement for PTFE tape.

White Dots

White Dots SELECT £1.20  -  £6.80

Self adhesive white dots to cover access holes on gliders. Supplied as a selection of sizes or as individual sheets.

Zig Zag Turbulator Tape

Zig Zag Turbulator Tape SELECT £4.20  -  £56.84

A standard 6mm point to point, 0.5 mm thick, 60 deg zig zag tape sold by the metre or roll. Note Max continuous length 14 mtrs.

Page 1 of 1:    10 Items