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Glass Backed Teflon Tape with Adhesive SELECT CALL

A brown coloured glass reinforced Teflon tape in two widths with an adhesive backing.


UHMW Tapes with adhesive backing

UHMW Tapes with adhesive backing SELECT £4.20  -  £36.56

UHMW Tapes are for applications where a low co-efficient of friction is required. This is an ideal replacement for PTFE tape.


Glass backed teflon tape Non Adhesive SELECT £4.20

A range of Glass backed teflon tapes that have no adhesive applyed to either surface. These are commonly used on control surfaces and are mechcanically held in place by inserting into slots cut in the structure.



Acetone SELECT £5.34  -  £8.74

Acetone for cleaning equipment and tools contaminated with resin or hardeners.


Adhesive for Acrylic and Perspex

Adhesive for Acrylic and Perspex SELECT £11.91  -  £19.94

Acrylic and Perspex cement for repairing canopies available as 1 part or 2 part mixes suitable for the bonding of small joints.



Aerosil SELECT £6.84  -  £21.74

This fine white powder is used to thicken resin to a paste for local filling and bonding. Sold in various sizes to suit your requirements.


Application Bottle

Application Bottle SELECT £4.58

These mixing bottles come with a handy nozzle to enable you to apply substances such as AB1 / AB2 Cement.


ASI Colour Banding Kit

ASI Colour Banding Kit SELECT £5.89

Colour kits allow banding for quick and easy identification of critical speed & limits on your ASI.


Brake Cable

Brake Cable SELECT £2.60  -  £2.77

Wheel Brake cables (Bowden style), supplied with outer sleeve and sold by the metre in three different diameters (inner cable).


Brake Disc and Hub Bolts

Brake Disc and Hub Bolts SELECT £251.90  -  £308.76

Brake discs for ASK21 and ASK13. Other sizes are available, please contact us to discuss your reqruirements.


Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid SELECT £6.40  -  £7.66

Small tins of hydraulic brake fluid for use on gliders (red or amber/automotive style).


Brake Shoes and Pads

Brake Shoes and Pads SELECT £0.21  -  £73.48

A range of genuine replacement brake shoes and pads to suit the majority of wheel brakes in use on gliders. Please contact us if you are not sure which type you require.



Brushes SELECT £0.91  -  £1.20

Soft bristled brushes for applying resins and adhesives.

Canopy Crack Repair Kit

Canopy Crack Repair Kit SELECT £39.17

All you will need including perspex cement, with applicators, abrasives & compound polishes to repair cracks & restore the finish of your canopy to fine condition.


Canopy Polish

Canopy Polish SELECT £12.95  -  £22.25

We can supply Plexus canopy polish/cleaner which is a simple spray on cleaner and Meguiars canopy polish in No 10 grade only.


Carbon Steel Wing Shims

Carbon Steel Wing Shims SELECT £0.36

A range of Carbon Steel wing shims to suit most sizes of spigots found on gliders. Sold individually in a range of internal hole diameters and thickness.


Ceconite Covering Manual

Ceconite Covering Manual SELECT £2.50

This is a photocopy of the Ceconite Handbook giving specific instructions on using Ceconite fabric with dope paints & primers.


Ceconite Fabric and Tape

Ceconite Fabric and Tape SELECT £11.83  -  £12.24

We stock Ceconite 102 - A good general purpose medium weight fabric 72" wide sold per YARD.

We can also supply ceconite tape in 25mm, 50mm and 75mm width, sold in 10M rolls.

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Page 1 of 1:    18 Items