Started in early 2001”” became synonymous with the go to place for all kinds of maintenance items for your glider or high-performance sailplane. In late 2017 the original web-shop closed due to falling demand and additional competition from avionic suppliers looking for a bit of the action. However, despite being offered the chance to purchase the shop none at the time felt they had the technical expertise to take on the job. The new “svsponline” is leaner than it was and has adopted a new ethos. Gone are the days when we offer what the competition offers, the race to the bottom is over. Based on over 25 years of practical experience and knowledge “svsponline” offer repair material to glider pilots looking to carryout repair work to their composite gliders. In addition we supply genuine TOST hooks and brake parts from stock.

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Interglass Cloth

Interglass Cloth£4.32  -  £10.16 SELECT

Brake Shoes and Pads

Brake Shoes and Pads£0.21  -  £73.48 SELECT

Brake Cable

Brake Cable£2.60  -  £2.77 SELECT

Scheufler L285 resin

Scheufler L285 resin£19.14  -  £30.96 SELECT

Canopy Polish

Canopy Polish£12.95  -  £22.25 SELECT